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How Lead Generation Bots Can Fix Conversion Rates

How Lead Generation Bots Can Fix Conversion Rates

Lead generation bots, popularly known as “chatbots,” are becoming a fixture of e-commerce marketing. These automated text communication tools appear on social networks, apps and websites, targeting the 2.5 billion people using some form of instant messaging to communicate with people and brands.

Since chatbots are “always on,” they have the potential to revolutionize the real estate sector. Buyers and sellers are looking for the easiest way to browse the market, and adding artificial intelligence to your customer service strategy is a powerful way to give them what they want.

The Customer Service of the Future

Fifty-one percent of consumers prefer businesses to be available at all times. Mobile device use and the growing shift toward flexible work schedules means people are browsing and shopping all the time, but you can’t expect your agents to sit by the phone indefinitely.

Enter the chatbot. Bots don’t need time off. They don’t sleep, and the cost of running one is much lower than hiring round-the-clock staff. Bots can be integrated into just about any marketing channel from websites to social profiles to provide a personal experience for every client.

The effectiveness of chatbots hinges on consumers’ hunger for engagement. As technology changes, people are engaging in increasingly more “natural” forms of communication across the social landscape. With 49.4 percent of individuals preferring messaging apps as a contact point, it’s time for real estate companies to respond with automated lead generation solutions.

Bot Benefits for Real Estate

Investing in a chatbot offers a range of advantages for your real estate business:

  • Conversion rate increases of up to 300 percent
  • Increased brand visibility through consistent communication with clients
  • Exclusion of unqualified leads to save time
  • Seamless integration with lead capture platforms
  • Leads transferred to the best agent for each job
  • Collection and delivery of messages when agents are unavailable
  • Instant access for clients to all pertinent MLS listings
  • Continual delivery of new and relevant property options
  • Interactive communication and content delivery to increase engagement

Also, the flow of communication between bots and clients provides a comprehensive overview of every prospect. By the time a lead reaches one of your agents, a relationship has already been established. The information collected by the bot fosters an immediate connection, saving time and potential frustration for both parties. Your agents can provide a personalized experience right from the start.

Using Artificial Intelligence to Gather Real Estate Leads

When real estate prospects interact with chatbots, the bots “learn” their preferences and use these criteria to deliver the most relevant MLS listings. Bots can also provide value estimates and market information to help sellers make better decisions.

By providing targeted options, lead generation bots provide qualified leads directly to your agents. Once your bot provides client information, it’s crucial to begin nurturing these leads as soon as possible. Maximize customer conversions by:

  • Familiarizing yourself with client needs
  • Following up in a timely manner
  • Building the relationship established through initial contact with the chatbot
  • Using previous chatbot conversations to make deeper connections

Choose Your Bot

Chatbot services bring the power of artificial intelligence to your real estate business. One such service, Automabots, bills itself as “the new workforce for small business owners.” Their tool is designed to integrate with Facebook messenger and will soon be available for a variety of other popular messaging apps. It can also be integrated into your website to greet visitors upon arrival.

Automabots is a monthly subscription service targeted specifically to the real estate sector. When clients arrive at a point of contact with your company, the bot addresses them and asks a series of questions to learn about their needs:

  • What zip code are they searching in?
  • What’s their ideal price range?
  • How many bedrooms and bathrooms are they looking for?
  • What types of communities would they prefer to live in?

The bot uses the answers to provide relevant listings and also delivers the information to your lead nurturing platform.

Some bots “pretend” to be actual customer service representatives, but the Automabots tool introduces itself as a bot so that clients know they’re interacting with a digital helper. When the time comes to make a decision or ask detailed questions, clients are directed to an agent who can offer further help.

Interactive messaging technology is the future of marketing. If your real estate business isn’t using lead generation bots, Automabots can help you get started. Putting this powerful tool in place brings in more qualified leads with less effort on the part of your agents to maximize time and increase productivity. With a bot handling lead generation and directing qualified clients into the sales funnel, you have more time to focus on creating beneficial relationships and guiding people to a satisfactory purchase or sale.

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Can Real Estate Bots Really Help Realtors Sell More Home?

Realtors are always in search of ways they can boost the efficiency of their operations and real estate bots are the new super tool that will take their real estate business to a whole new level.

How Does a Bot Works?

Essentially, they are a small application that lives in the cloud and utilizes the machine learning technology recently made available by the tech giants.  These little programs, now referred to as bots, can be taught to perform nearly any digital task that normally would be done by a human being.  People can communicate with bots via chat platforms, like; Facebook Messenger, Alexa and the dozens of others.

What Can a Bot Do?

In real estate industry, there are many applications for the use of bots that will have bots have an immediate impact on a Realtor’s bottom line. We call these productivity bots.  Some of the bigger challenges real estate bots can solve are;

  1. Visitor to lead conversion rates
  2. Lead to contract conversion rates i.e. predictive analytics
  3. Repetitive daily, weekly and monthly tasks
  4. Scheduling i.e. showings, inspections, etc.
  5. Marketing new listings
  6. Transaction coordination

These are just a few of the many ways a real estate bot will improve an agent’s business.  Soon, Realtors will be able to reduce cost, have more time and still grow their sales revenue because a bot is on the job.

How Does a Realtor Get a Bot?

Bot technology as a service is very new, and there aren’t a ton of options yet.  You could spend 1000’s of dollars hiring a bot developer to create one for you.  But as you may have experienced in the past with other custom projects, like websites, this can be a real expensive challenge.  The chances are that you will end up dissatisfied with the outcome.  The other option is to subscribe to a real estate specific “Bot as a Service” platform.  Yes, there is such a service!

Automabots’ New Lead Capture Bot

Founded this year by real estate industry veterans, we are building an entire suite of real estate bots.  Our first productivity bot is Lead Capture Bot “LCB”, which is in a closed beta and available to Realtors in early 2017.  LCB is designed to dramatically improve visitor engagement on your website, social media and anywhere that your Realtor is in direct contact with consumers.  It can chat with buyers and sellers, provide them with the information they desire and most importantly add them to your (the bots) lead nurturing campaign.  Go to to learn more about how real estate bots can help you grow your business.